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This post is not really that interesting. I just want to have documentation for whatever happened in the last few weeks. I found this pretty funny. Sometimes the most interesting thing for having relationship (either marriage or dating) with someone is…

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Aku lapar ya Allah…

*mata setengah terpejam* with Bona Ritchie, Indra, and Iriel Parmato at Bubur Kamseng – Read on Path.

Open Letter to Julie James | Love Irresistibly Review

An Open Letter to Julie James

Dear Ms. James,
How are you? I hope you’re doing fine. I hope you’re at your best moment in your life that you feel you have all energy in the universe to write the next book of yours. You know, I hate the fact that you only write one book in one year. It’s just like you asked me to go rock climbing with you and while I am enjoying the view, overwhelming about the sensation, you suddenly disappear. Left me hanging on a cliff—disappointed.

No, I am not talking about my disappointment to your books. In fact, I adore every single one of them. I am disappointed because—well, as I said, why oh why, you only write one book a year? Tell me the reason, Ms. James.

I’d been waiting for the story of Cade Morgan and Brooke Parker for one freakin year. I think finding my soulmate could be faster than that—oh wait, no. I picked up the wrong example. Sorry. I’m not really good with words, you know. Not like you, who can pull myself and thousands women out there into the vortex of romance in your books.

Uh, where were we? Sorry, I’m easily distracted.
Oh yeah, Cade and Brooke.
Sometimes I think, you have to stop. Just stop. It’s getting to be too much. See, I’m just a girl who sits in an open cubicle (called ‘island’. A desert island. And I think I need to be rescued from here—OMG, I’m being distracted again. Sorry…) all day long. I have to live in a real world. A real world where Cade Morgan doesn’t exist. There’s no way in my world, I can have a meet cute to an assistant US attorney (okay, I’m totally aware of the fact that I live in Jakarta, Indonesia—where, you know, there’s no assistant US attorney here. It’s INDONESIA, for god’s sake!). Well, even if I live in US, I still don’t think I can meet a man who has qualification as impeccable as Cade Morgan. I think I would put aside his gorgeous physical appearance because everybody knows who can resist a combination of an ex-athlete with well built body (former hotshot college football player, FTW!), charming aura, thick/smooth hair, and strong jaw in three pieces suit? Well, I don’t.

Oh—wait. Did you hear that loud boom in the far off distance? I think those were my ovaries exploding. Yes, because of Cade. Damn you, Julie—oops, I mean Ms. James. So, before I embarrass myself further , let’s talk about his personality.

I know I’ve always had a thing with man who use sarcasm as defense mechanism. A position as assistant US attorney (and later, acting US attorney) is a prove that he’s smart, clever, hard worker, and on the rise in his respective field. A man who knows what he wants. But on the other side, I hate the fact his ex girlfriend said that he’s emotionally unavailable. When it’s the right one, you will never be emotionally unavailable to them. You will let them in. In this matter of fact, I’m sorry to say, I think it’s clear that she is NOT the one. Period.

So when the irresistible Cade Morgan met Brooke Parker, no matter how strong he resisted that their relationship is casual—you know, you can’t resist when fate throws ‘the one’ for you.

Brooke Parker. The woman I’d love to love. Smartass, sassy, determined, who beat Cade’s tough-guy speech with her tough-girl speech. Clear/level-headed woman who’s unlucky being dumped three times in eighteen months. I tell you Brooke, as your BFF of course, it’s certainly them—not you. We know it from the beginning right? Right? If you can’t get this whole-supportive-girlfriend-thing from Ford (because he’s, as a matter of fact, a man. They’re so clueless about –about everything. You know what I mean, right?), you can always turn to me. Really. On the other side, I am really happy that you finally realized there are words ‘work-life balance’ because I will hate you forever if you leave Cade just because you’re so addictive to work. I know you need to prove yourself, but hey, you already proved that. So it’s time to have another important thing in you life: romance.

Ms. James,
You did a great/wonderful/amazing job here.
I love you. Have I told you that? No? Should I say it again? Yes? I love you.

Sometimes I wish you stop. Stop writing such an interesting/hot/lovely romance story because I need my sanity back. I have to be able to face the world with the knowledge that Love Irresistibly* is just a really good great book and not an outline for how all my relationships and romance stories should be. The longer I read your books, the more I refuse to go back to my real world. It’s getting harder and harder to live in that world, you know. With no Cade Morgan, let alone FBI agents such as Jack Pallas or Nick McCall within my sight.

Ah, on second thought. Forget the last paragraph I’ve written. Instead, would you please-please-please write more than one book in a year? For the sake of my own sanity and for the sanity of women like me everywhere, sometimes we need sweet distraction from our bitter world. We need more Cade Morgan in our life. And the sweet-sassy romance story.

So, would you please publish another book again this year? Well, I think the novella about Wilkins you mentioned on your twitter would satisfy me a little. How about that?

Hugs and kisses from you biggest fan,

*you can replace this with Just the Sexiest Man Alive, Practice Makes Perfect, Something About You, A Lot Like Love, or About That Night. Really. The message is quite similar. I’m obsessed with your books.

A Letter to a Lover


How are you?
I know you are doing fine.

I bet you wonder, how do I know that you’re doing fine?

I saw your photos and pictures and videos. Funny how life can separate us, but the technology can bring you closer than ever. Funny how I still feel my stomach flipped inside out every time I see your face–brighter than ever. Not even when you were here with me. Funny how I miss your touch every single day and night. Funny how I haven’t heard your voice for years but somehow I still can feel your presence beside me, making me laugh. Funny how I still can feel your touch even when I feel really numb. Funny how I still can babble about you even when I don’t know you anymore. Funny how I can still love y——–I don’t know. Forget it.

Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. And you messed me up. And it takes a while to get everything back together.

My love for you is unconditional, or I thought so, but our relationship wasn’t. At a particular time, I thought holding on makes us strong, but you know, maybe sometimes it is letting go that makes us strong.

And until now, without you beside me, I still haven’t figured it out: was it me letting you go, or you letting me go?

I don’t know.
And I know I don’t want to know.

First published in ninaardianti.com